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MAYHEM - Cowbell Collection

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Entire unreleased "Ultimate Phonk Bundle: Cowbell Collection" Bonus Pack for FREE!

Unleash the raw, nostalgic power of the streets with "MAYHEM".

Dive into the heart of phonk, where each meticulously crafted cowbell hit transports you to the smoky rooms where classic beats were born.

Elevate your production with gritty, urban vibes and vintage warmth.

Whether you're a seasoned producer or a newcomer exploring the phonk genre, these authentic cowbell patterns will infuse your beats with the unmistakable spirit of a bygone era.

Revitalize your sound, ride the phonk wave, and let the cowbells speak volumes in every beat.

Time to make history.

*MAYHEM is included in the upcoming "Ultimate Phonk Bundle"

  • 50 Cowbells
  • .WAV (works in any music software)
  • 100% royalty free

You will get a ZIP (10MB) file

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